Waratah General Practice


Fees and Rebates



To provide quality health care and keep the Surgery running, we need to charge a Fee above the Medicare Rebate. The Fee is what you pay us. The rebate is how much you are reimbursed by Medicare. Below are the most common types of appointments we offer:

Consultation                        Fee         Medicare Rebate

  1. Short (<5 mins)                  $35                    $16.95

  2. Standard (10-15 mins)       $70                    $37.05

  3. Long (20-30 mins)             $110                   $71.70

  4. Prolonged (>45 mins)       $150                   $105.55

Please check with our receptionist when booking if you are unsure what type of consultation you require.

The following groups are bulk-billed, apart from their first consultation of the year, which attracts a fee as above:

  1. Health Care Card holders

  2. Pension holders

  3. Children < 16 years of age

Otherwise, bulk billing is at the discretion of the doctor.  Please feel free to discuss this with them.

Any minor surgical procedures will have an out-of-pocket expense associated with them to cover equipment and materials. This should be discussed with the doctor. Some medical examinations will also incur an out of pocket expense.

Appointments for urgent matters are available. Please check with our receptionists if you require urgent attention.


We know that your time is important and please be assured that we make every effort to run on time.  Sometimes, unexpected or urgent issues arise that require more time than scheduled. Since we would always take the time to spend with you if you were in this situation, we appreciate your understanding if we keep you waiting.

How you can help us keep from running late:

  1. Please ensure you arrive on time to appointments. Feel free to ring ahead or enquire as you arrive as to what the waiting time may be.

  2. Ensure you book an appropriate consultation for your needs. If you have a number of issues or a complex issue to discuss please book a longer appointment.  If every appointment takes just 5 mins longer, your doctor would be running more than an hour late by the end of the morning!

  3. If you can’t make your appointment, please notify the surgery as soon as possible, as it may mean that we can offer that appointment time to someone who is on our cancellation list or who needs to be seen urgently.

  4. Please do not answer your mobile phone during consultations.

  5. When setting up an urgent appointment, the more information you can provide to the reception staff, the easier it is for us to help you.


Your privacy is important to us. Access to our medical records is protected and your health and personal information are considered confidential. We will not use your health information for research or disclose your information to a third party without your consent.

We have a recall system in place to remind you to contact the surgery regarding important results or issues. It is important, however, that you come back to see us following any tests to discuss these results with you whether they are abnormal or not.

Phone calls will usually not be taken by doctors during consultations unless absolutely necessary. Routine phone calls will be returned during the day if needed at a time convenient to the doctor.

Our practice has a “zero tolerance” policy towards any aggressive behaviour. Any persons acting in a threatening or aggressive manner will be asked to leave the premises.